Get More Cheddar for Your Car! Sell Us Your Vehicle

Now is the best possible time to sell your used vehicle. The global chip shortage has led to a decrease in the production of new cars. Fewer cars mean buyers are turning to used cars. This decrease in supply and increase in demand for used vehicles has caused prices to skyrocket. 

But as shipping and manufacturing catch up, the prices for used cars in Cleveland, Youngstown, and surrounding Ohio areas might normalize again soon. If you want to get the best possible price for your used car, do it now while market conditions are still in your favor. 

To get the best possible price for your vehicle, you should sell your car online. Non-dealership buyers like Cheddar Auto allow you to skip the headache of selling privately or to the dealership and get what your vehicle is truly worth! 

Cash for Cars–How It Works

When you sell your car privately, you’re stuck with online marketplaces that aren’t necessarily designed for selling cars. While there are certainly ways to sell your vehicle to a qualified buyer safely, there’s no way to do it quickly. You have to detail your car, take photos, create the listing, and examine all the responses and lowball offers. It can take weeks to find a proper buyer willing to pay what your car is worth. 

Selling to the dealership is a shorter timeline. But you spend hours waiting and wading through paperwork and fending off sales associates. You have to be careful not to get sucked into a “trade-in” pitch that saddles you with an expensive new car–and car payment

To avoid the wait and the negotiations, you can sell your car online with Get More Cheddar. It takes a click of a button, and you’ll receive an offer on your vehicle immediately. 

How to Sell Your Car Online 

Cheddar Auto is not a dealership, so we don’t have to deal with those types of businesses’ overhead and inventory issues. This turns into savings that we pass on to our customers in the form of cash for cars payments.

Just enter your license plate or VIN into our database, and we’ll pull all the information we need to give you an offer. After you receive it, schedule an inspection to verify the condition of your vehicle. Once the car is inspected and verified, you can sign your paperwork and receive your check on the spot! Walk away with a fair price for your vehicle on the same day.

Get Your Full Car Value–Sell Your Car Online 

To learn more about selling your car online for the best possible price, check out Cheddar Auto. We buy used cars for a fair price when the dealerships won’t!