Is It Worth It To Repair or Replace a Transmission Before Selling Your Car?

Transmission repair can be one of the most expensive repairs on a vehicle. You might wonder whether fixing or replacing your vehicle’s transmission is worth it. A new transmission may cost more than the car is worth, depending on how old and how many miles the vehicle has accumulated.

Generally, suppose the car is relatively new and in great shape apart from the transmission. In that case, it may be worth repairing the transmission to sell your car in Boardman, OH, especially if you own a limited edition car. The Ken Ganley Buying Center, has the inside scoop here so you can make an informed decision when selling your car in Ohio.

Deciding Factors: Whether to Repair or Replace a Transmission

First, determine your

Can You Sell a Car Without a Title in Ohio?

Can You Sell a Used Car Without a Title in Ohio?

Selling a used car without a title in Ohio can be challenging. Buyers may be hesitant due to concerns about the vehicle’s history and ownership. At Ken Ganley Buying Center Boardman, we streamline the process and help you sort out the title situation to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to get cash for your car.

Understanding the Title Situation

If you’re trying to sell your used car in Boardman, Youngstown, Warren, or Austintown, OH without a title, you’ll face some obstacles. Here are some steps to overcome these challenges:

Replace Your Title

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) can help you if your original title is lost, stolen, or damaged.

4 Trucks With High Resale Value in 2024 in Ohio

Every purchase other than homes, land, and collectibles loses its value with time. This is called depreciation. Car buyers are often shocked to find that a car’s value drops substantially after leaving the lot. Vehicles tend to depreciate quicker than most assets, losing up to half their value during the first five years of ownership. In the long run, you can get more bucks for your used car by purchasing cars and trucks with higher resale values.


Selling a truck with high-value retention is a wise return on investment. Ken Ganley Buying Center Boardman will tell you which trucks are the hottest in the resale market for 2024. If you want to sell your used car in Youngstown, Warren, or Austintown, OH,

We will buy your car - Boardman, OH

Ken Ganley Automotive Group Acquires Cheddar Auto, Launches Ken Ganley Buying Center

Ken Ganley Automotive Group, a leading automotive retailer in the Midwest, has announced the acquisition of Cheddar Auto, which we are rebranding as the Ken Ganley Buying Center. This acquisition, finalized on November 8, 2022, marks a significant expansion for Ken Ganley Automotive Group, further extending its reach in the automotive market. The new buying center will operate out of Boardman, Ohio, enhancing the group’s service offerings and customer reach.

Background on Ken Ganley

Ken Ganley Automotive Group has grown to become the largest automotive retailer in the Midwest. The group has expanded to 54 locations across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, offering an extensive selection of over 10,000 vehicles across 26 makes. Ken Ganley prides itself on a customer-centric approach, emphasizing transparent pricing and

Enhance Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency With These Tips

As the temperatures rise and summer approaches, optimizing your car’s fuel efficiency is essential to save money at the pump. At Ken Ganley Buying Center Boardman, we understand the importance of fuel economy. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips to help you improve your car’s fuel efficiency during summer, allowing you to enjoy cost-effective and environmentally friendly driving.

  • Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated: Maintaining the correct tire pressure is crucial for fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance, causing your car to consume more fuel. Regularly check and maintain the recommended tire pressure to maximize fuel economy. 
  • Lighten the Load: Clear out unnecessary items from your car to reduce weight. Extra weight decreases fuel efficiency, so declutter your

Hot Summer Deal – 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance

Calling all drivers looking for a deal! Cheddar Auto is thrilled to present our hottest summer deal—the 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance. This gem of a used car is bound to turn heads with its stunning Midnight Silver Metallic exterior and impressive features. Priced at just $49,987, this Tesla Model Y Performance offers exceptional value for those seeking an eco-friendly ride.

Don’t Miss Out on These Top-Notch Features

Let’s dive into why this used 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance is such an incredible deal. Equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) and a 1-Speed Automatic Dual Electric Motor, this electric SUV delivers impressive power and performance. Whether cruising around the city or embarking on a long-distance adventure, the Model Y Performance will provide a